School Life

Enterprise Club

We have a thriving Enterprise Club at school, as you may have noticed!

We started out as a group of Year 5 and Year 6 children with the school Christmas Fair looming. There was a hive of activity as we made pom pom tree decorations, pen toppers, Christmas Cards, jewellery and calendars.

Mr Coles had challenged us. He said that he would help us to buy iPads if we raised some money. In fact he said that whatever we raised, he would match. Then Friends of Heron promised the same! Wow! Well, we had to raise more than Mr Coles had expected. By Christmas we had over £1500.

After Christmas we decided to continue Enterprise Club, but with Year 6 only. We designed wooden hearts for Mother’s Day and bought some trolls for the children to collect.

In time for Easter we made bunnies from flannels. The bunnies were very special because they had a Cadbury’s Creme egg hiding in their tummies!

The iPads are now ordered, we can’t wait!

We have started designing our Father’s Day gifts and next year’s calendar.

Our next step is to find other places to sell our goods. Can you help? Do you know anywhere that would welcome us with our items for sale?

Enterprise Club has an email address and we would love your ideas or suggestions.

Thank you.