Year 6 compositions

This term the Year 6 children have been working with a music producer, Salo Elia, from the ‘Music Works’ charity.  He has taught them how to create digital music using Garageband on the ipads.  They have learnt how to use smart instruments, add loops, create chords, add effects, use samples and generally edit and organise their work.  There has been much enthusiasm towards this work and they are all very proud of their finished pieces so we hope you enjoy listening to them.

Click on one of the links to hear our amazing compositions. We are very proud of them.

Alfie and AJ

Alex and Numaya


Blaise and Georgia

Dan and Miles

Ellie and Caitlin

Emily and Ella

Emily H


Isaac and Josh

Jamie Lea and Elise


Megan and Anjani

Megan and Teegan


Paul and Jamie

Toby and Oliver

Tom and Joe

Tom’s chill tune

Finlay and Will

Faith and Alisha

Evie and Megan


Charlie A

Ben and Rhys

Anna and Saffron

Harry and Ryan

Isaac and Ezio

Jaime and Keely

Kane and Joshua

Lilly and Lauren

Luke and Kayon

Nia and Holly

Sean and Ellis